Media Strategy

Our independence allows us to select the media channels that really positively impact our clients’ goals. We do not have to sell TV Media or Search, but analyze exactly which Media Mix is the right choice, based on your branding and performance goals… more

Digital Skills

Ideally, we see the cooperation with our clients as a long-term partnership. We want our partners to understand how we work or why we provide certain recommendations, optimization and test setups… more

Tracking & Attribution

Measurability is a tricky and difficult issue in all ROI-driven campaigns – be it in online and offline channels. A big challenge is often the right attribution of the various digital channels, as even Google and Facebook differ in their attribution models completely… more

ROI driven

The most painful, because measurable, form of marketing is probably performance advertising. The campaigns – for example, Google Adwords, Facebook, Video or Content Marketing – are focused on hard KPIs and optimized on sales figures or revenues… more

Campaign Optimization

Any agency can book media. Even every client by himself. This is not difficult. The strength of an agency, especially in the digital channels, lies in continuous optimization and testing… more


Positioning as a brand is very important. For young, fast-growing companies, but also for established players who are in a tough competitive environment… more