Social Media

Leverate is one of the leading Social Media Advertising agencies in Indonesia and beyond – especially our innovative optimization approach to sales or ROI driven campaigns is very popular…. more


TV is still the most consumed form of media. It has the advantages of having the highest and widest audience reach, the perfect vehicle for brands in need of generating mass awareness… more

Social Media Management

The importance of social media presence can no longer be ignored. A brand’s image in their customers eyes now are also defined by their social media (or lack thereof) and how much effort they exercise in it.. more

Out of Home

While the exposure with Out of Home advertising (OOH) is somewhat targeted, it provides the opportunity for brands to reach consumers within their daily activities and moreover offers possibilities for brand presence …. more

Search Engine

Google Search continues to be the most efficient and important channel for most of our clients. Many industries are exposed to immense competition in the so-called “keywords” (eg. insurance, banks, travel… more


Print media comprises a very diverse audience and can be a great measure in order to reach diverse segments of audiences and areas…. more

Display & Programmatic

Classic banner advertising today has a tough time. Ad Blockers are gaining more and more importance and banner blindness is increasing. DoubleClick for instance allows us to access highly specific and targeted environments… more


Radio as an advertising medium is with more than 2,000 radio stations across the nation, an effective channel to reach audiences in more rural and remote areas… more

Video Ads

In addition to Facebook or Instagram, YouTube is a very suitable alternative to reach users via video and to build an emotional bond… more

Influencer Marketing

Presently, plenty of buying behaviors are directly influenced by a few select individuals. These “influencers” helps drive awareness as well as set certain kinds of branding for the brands that need them… more